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Madhya Pradesh is an agrarian state. Around 74% of the population of the state is directly or indirectly, dependent on agriculture. It is among the fastest growing states in India.

  • 11 agro-climatic conditions with around 33 per cent of the region under forests
  • Ideal soil and climatic conditions have made it a primary producer of coarse cereals, oilseeds and soybean. Enormous potential for drug, wood and agro based commercial enterprises.
  • Madhya Pradesh has been selected for the prestigious Krishi Karman Award, fifth consecutive year for a record production of 184 metric tonnes of wheat in 2015-16.
  • Nearly 3.5 percent of total cultivated land has been covered for horticulture crops. Leading in the production of garlic, Second largest producer of onions, second largest producer of coriander, Third largest producer of tomatoes and Fourth largest producer of potatoes
  • Third largest milk producer with 12.12 million tonnes in 2015-16
  • During 2015-16, the state recorded 214 MT of total raw silk production, to enhance the mulberry silk production the state government is targeting to provide employment opportunities to 24,940 beneficiaries.
  • The state leads in spices production with the largest production of garlic,
  • SEZ at Umariya-Dungariya will cater to the agriculture and food processing industries.
  • It is aggressively emerging as a solar power hub, and is targeting generation of 2,650 MW of solar power by 2018.